About Us

We are professional IT Service provider with a new and dynamic team. We like to make relationship with customer by our special and unique identity.

Software Development

Arrowhead IT Solutions is working for customized softwares, package softwares in local and international market.

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Business Advisor

We provide professional consultancy with top level IT professionals.

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Website design and Development

We usually work for Website development, eCommerce site development, Web based software development.

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Google Workspace

We provide Google Workspace fromerly known as Gsuite

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Business Email Solution

We provide corporate Email Solutions.

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Email Marketing and SMS Solution

We provide web based Email Marketing Solutions. We also provide SMS Marketing solutions.

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services What We Do?

Arrowhead IT Solutions is well introduced in the market by it's unique way to provide service. Our technical team is working for good service for customers.

Software Development

Arrowhead IT Soutions provides full-cycle software development services designed to help you grow your business, increase your ROI, and one-up the competition. Whether it’s custom software engineering, software testing and quality assurance, system integration, technology consulting, or software support — we got you covered.

Website Design and Development

We work with you to develop a user experience which delivers value to your audience. Value means repeat visits and referrals via social media and other channels. Using our years of experience and research, Web design and development services of Arrowhead IT Solutions are customized to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

SEO Service

Don’t waste your money having a billboard that 10,000 people see a day but don’t need your product / service. Use SEO so that you can have 1,000 people actively searching for products and services like yours and are ready to buy from you. That is the power of SEO and that is why you can’t afford to neglect it. We provide SEO service to introduce your business world wide.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Apps and later G Suite) is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed and marketed by Google. It consists of Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Meet and Chat for communication; Currents for employee engagement; Drive for storage; and the Google Docs Editors suite for content creation. An Admin Panel is provided for managing users and services. Depending on edition Google Workspace may also include the digital interactive whiteboard Jamboard and an option to purchase such add-ons as the telephony service Voice.

Business Email Services

You want a personalised email address and an inbox that lets you do more than just check messages. That's why we've created a complete range of business email solutions, designed to help you get more done in less time. Did you know customers are 9x more likely to choose a business with a professional email address? With a memorable, domain-based email account, you’ll promote your company with every message. We handle the technology so you can focus on business. We will make sure that your email run smoothly on our servers, faster and better supported than anywhere else! Arrowhead IT Soutions gives you a reliable, secure and cost-effective email solution, whatever your businesses size. With Arrowhead IT Solutions affordable email hosting, you can brand your address for a professional touch that gives credibility to your business communications.

Email Marketing Service

E-mail is still a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media. Of course, we’re not saying marketers should bombard you with mindless spam. And consumer behavior is shifting: McKinsey’s iConsumer survey3 reported a 20 percent decline in e-mail usage between 2008 and 2012 as a share of time spent on communications, with the medium surrendering ground to social networks, instant messaging, and mobile-messaging apps. Investments in these new channels are absolutely necessary for marketers to make increasingly sophisticated use of social networks and other channels to engage with consumers and convert interest to sales. However, marketers shouldn’t be too hasty in shifting budgets away from e-mail—they just need to take a few steps to harness the full power of the inbox.

SMS Marketing Service

98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes. Text messaging is the easiest and fastest way to reach all your contacts and build better relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. Our web based self-service platform makes it easy to login from any computer, create your text message, and hit send to all your contacts. A rich feature set that lets you gather new contacts and track every text message with advanced reporting tools. Arrowhead IT Soutions has partnered with over 1,800 mobile carriers to validate that your text messages will be delivered in real-time speeds.

Why Choose Us

We are unique by our dedication and it makes us popular to client

We are unique by our services. At first we think about client's benefit. Client is our basic marketing materials.
We don't focus on the profit from client. We focus on well service and profit is the next step of customer satisfaction.
We dream to lead the speed of digital world. We are committed to make change Bangladesh with a new, dynamic and unique solution.
We are working to make Bangladesh digital. We have a lot of projects to make Bangladesh digital.

Team Members

We have a experienced and dedicated team for our local and international clients.

Engr Md KhasruzzamanFounder, CEO and Managing Director

Engr Md KhasruzzamanFounder, CEO and Managing Director

Md. Abu Raihan KhanSenior Software Engineer

Md. Abu Raihan KhanSenior Software Engineer

Tania SultanaProgrammer Analyst

Tania SultanaProgrammer Analyst


Hotel management System

Arrowhead Hotel Management System

Web based Hotel Management System

Property Management System

Property Management System

Online Property Management System

Arrowhead Restaurant Apps for play store

Restaurant order collection and delivery with android Apps

Arrowhead Restaurant Apps for App store (IOS)

Restaurant order collection and delivery with Apple device







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